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Spanish Enrichment Program
Extended Second Language Model

Another component of our educational approach is the integration of a Second Language Model program. There is considerable evidence that learning a second language can result in improved academic performance. We believe that learning a second language will enhance student’s mental development and help them succeed academically as well as socially. Instructional methodology for second language acquisition is based on the research of Dr. Kathryn Linholm-Leary, in which her work focuses on the academic results of native and non-native Spanish speaking students.

BridgePrep Academy is committed to go a step further to achieve student proficiency in two languages. By adding an additional 30 minutes to the instructional day, an extended second language program is implemented for all students (native and non-native speakers) in grades K-5th without impacting core subjects through the Spanish Language. In 6th-8th grades, students will be required to attend one of our Spanish courses for Spanish Speakers or Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced courses.

The goal of the program is to produce bilingual and bi-literate students in a multicultural environment. Students will master both English and the Spanish language commensurate with their experiential and educational levels, ages, and interests, and who can interact effectively with members of both cultures. Extended Time: One of the components of our educational approach is a creation of an extended day. All of our students receive an hour per day of Spanish.