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Visual and Performing Arts

Visual and performing arts are integrated into core curriculum subjects to enhance instruction and demonstration of subject area mastery. In addition, exploration of the arts will allow students to explore their heritage as well as the heritage of various other cultures. BridgePrep Academy will provide opportunities for students to display their talents in the arts through displays, shows, and competitions.

Students will participate in visual arts through a rotating schedule of “special area” courses. Students are involved in these courses one or two days per week, depending on the rotation.

The goal of art instruction is to allow students the opportunity to explore and develop their creative potential.The state standards for Visual Art is the basis of all instruction. Some aspects of art that are covered are history, production, criticism, and aesthetics. Art instructors will collaborate with core curriculum instructors to emphasize interdisciplinary connections between art and the core subject areas. Authentic assessments are used. Students are involved in festivals, exhibitions, and community-based art experiences as often as available.

 Elementary Art is a .5 credit and offered during the daily block to students on a weekly basis in elementary grades. Grades 6-8: Middle school students will have the opportunity to choose a fine arts component as their second elective during the regular school day. The courses that may be offered include art.